Rustic Aspen Frames

We are excited about our new rustic frames, handmade from Colorado Aspen.

The bark has been stripped to display the natural beauty of the wood and the logs are finished with a clear protective varnish. These Aspen Frames are available in the size of 24×36 for $495, which includes the price of your chosen print. The logs we use range in width from 4 to 6 inches. They truly bring the outdoors into your home. Orders for these frames can be placed by calling our studio (814)796-4400, or emailing us at

These massive frames cannot be shipped, so your order must be picked up at our studio or at one of our art shows!

Featured below are: Jeremiah Johnson, Eminent Domain, A Good Omen, and Who’s Boss

Jeremiah Johnson - aspen frameAspen FramesWho's Boss - aspen frame