Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take you to create a painting?

I never measure the exact time it takes to complete a painting, some take weeks, others take months and even years to complete.  I try to start several paintings at one time.  I will work on one for a while and then set it aside to dry or to think about it, then work on another one.  I need to relax my mind and eyes to keep the idea fresh.  I will work on a piece until I know it is finished.  The two hardest parts of painting are the start and the finish.

How do you get your ideas?

I have an idea in my mind of a story I’d like to tell or a concept I have in mind.  Then I go after my reference.  I will head outdoors and create a small painting (Plein Air) to get my colors and lighting.  I will photograph the area and pull in elements that I think will make the composition sound.  Most of my ideas come from being outdoors.  Everything is an idea.  I photograph continually for reference.  I look for color, lighting, and texture.  As no two people are the same, no two trees are the same.  Each tree is different and I love their uniqueness.

What are Plein Air paintings?

These are small color studies created outdoors on location in a several hour period to capture lighting and color.  These studies are brought back into the studio and are essential color studies for my larger paintings.  Painting on location captures great color that a camera does not always show.

What does Giclee mean?

Giclee is the printing process we use. It is a French term describing how the inks are sprayed onto the canvas or paper.  We use pigmented inks that are lightfast and permanent. The canvas we use is waterproof.  We also adhere a sealant on the canvas print as an added protection to the surface. The beauty of the canvas print emulates the original painting with a three dimensional quality of the original.  Our Giclee prints are humidity and fireplace friendly.  Framing is open to the air with no glass needed.  Giclees are durable and beautiful to view and hang.

How do you clean the Giclee’s?

We print our canvas prints on a water proof canvas with pigmented inks.  They are then sprayed with a sealant.  Cleaning only requires a dry cloth dusting.  They are very durable.


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