Your Buck


Recreate your hunting memories with a keepsake of an Original Oil painting of your favorite buck’s antlers. Jack Paluh will hand paint, An Original Oil Painting of Your Antlers, on this Special Limited Edition Giclée Canvas Print of Your Buck.   Each set of antlers will be an Original Hand-Painted Oil Painting by artist, Jack Paluh.  Your Buck will be a personal and unique painting of your favorite buck that will preserve your hunting memories for generations to come. Jack has structured and proportioned the Your Buck image so that it would fit a small, average, or trophy sized rack. Another feature with this unique print is that we can also add a photo of you and your buck into the print for additional lasting memories.

Your Buck finished with antlers and photo insert

We’ll need several photos of your favorite buck depicting the rack along with a completed order form. This could be your favorite buck, one that yourself, your child, or family member has harvested. It could also be a buck that perhaps you have only captured on film or camcorder. It will be Your Buck.  Prices include photo insert and hand painted antlers.  Call our studio at 814-796-4400 or email at jpa@jackpaluh.com for any further details and pricing.

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