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Narrow Escape

It was interesting to see this piece of hunting artwork evolve from Jack Paluh's painting palette.  He used his experience of bowhunting for the flight of the arrows. He has seen his share of running bucks and had wanted to show the buck's muscle structure and his power in retreating.  
To provide ample food for the village, the Native American hunting party used their intimate animal knowledge and hunting skills to be successful.  But success was not found in every case. Jack Paluh’s painting of "Narrow Escape" captures such a hunt. More than one arrow is launched to stop the excessive speed of the whitetail deer, whom is a master of evasion. From Paluh’s positioning of the various archers and the detail of the arrow that bends in flight, called the "arrow paradox," the artist captures the excitement and the elusion of the hunting experience.  Whether it is the Native American hunter or a 21st century sportsman, every hunter can relate to the disappointment of missing their shot. 

Narrow Escape

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