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Visit our home
Studio & Gallery

Jack Paluh Arts invites you to visit our home studio and gallery! We are open by appointment. You’ll find our home studio bursting with great gift ideas for friends, family, hunters, outdoorsmen or outdoors women, nature or art lovers, and you! These ideas include originals oil paintings (great and small), all size canvas prints (framed and unframed), Scripture frame artwork, gallery wraps of all sizes, Aspen framed artwork, framed miniatures, framed mini minis, art wreaths, uniquely framed and crafted items, comfortable "Art" pillows, magnets, ornaments, and gift certificates.

Visit our gallery today!

The studio address is:

2869 Old Wattsburg Rd.,
Waterford, PA 16441.

To schedule an appointment,
email us at
or call us at 814-796-4400. 


Meet the team

Meet the family team
at Jack Paluh Arts, Inc.

Jack Paluh Family

About the artist

Meet Jack Paluh,

the artist inspired nature

Jack Paluh in Studio

Studio Videos

Look inside the life of an artist with our collection of Studio Videos

Jack Paluh Painting Outdoors
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