Juva’s Treasure


Folklore has it that several hundred years ago, a company of Frenchmen, traveling from Fort LeBoeuf along French Creek, was advised by scouts of a possible attack by the English. The French buried their supplies, medicine and a chest of gold coins prior to the confrontation in hopes of returning later to retrieve it. While traveling overland on their return journey, the company were attacked by a wandering band of Iroquois Native Americans and were wiped out. As the lore continues, the chest was never found. Today, along the same area of French Creek currently marked by Juva Road, a new treasure has appeared. A priceless pair of bald eagles has nested successfully and their offspring now soar the area as Juva’s new Treasure.
The natural world outside Jack Paluh Arts Studio and Gallery window is a constant inspiration for Paluh’s artwork. We were awestruck when we discovered a majestic pair of eagles nesting nearby. Our family, along with other eagle lovers, has watched this pair as they nested, hunted, fished and soared over our skies. We have witnessed the pair as they have taught their offspring survival skills. Folklore of our area spoke of hidden treasure; we see the bald eagle pair as our treasure and Jack Paluh's Scenery and Wildlife Art Painting “Juva’s Treasure” is a chance for us to share it with you.

Allow this framed canvas print to grace your walls and be a focal point of your home décor.