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Plein Air Painting

In the last several years, you may have come across Jack Paluh on some back road, capturing “out in the open” or “Plein Air” scenes. This upcoming technique of “Plein Air Painting” is one of Jack’s favorite workspaces. Images are painted in a short period of time (usually several hours) to capture lighting and color temperatures. On the back of each piece, Jack references the location of the area he’s painted and the hues he’s used. The capture of the natural light and color enables him to carry these small pieces back to his Waterford, PA art studio and bring his larger paintings to life.

Most of these Plein Airs are kept by Paluh for his own collection and reference. Periodically he will release a personal selection of these small originals for sale. These selected Plein Airs below are available for purchase.  Please call our art studio at 814.796.4400 or email us at for purchase information.

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