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Timeless Trail

“In today’s world, we have such busy schedules so I wanted to capture a oil painting on canvas that has no time restrictions.  An image you would feel the spirit of the forest, a place free of worries, and an appealing passageway into nature.  Look into the piece, take a deep breath of fresh air, calming your mind and spirit, and feel at ease with being in the forest.”

Jack Paluh’s nature art painting “Timeless Trail” was inspired by the woods of our surrounding areas.  The woods are one of Paluh’s favorite places to paint.  He is inspired by the way the sun filters down through the trees and highlights the footpath inviting the hiker to travel on into the woods.  In “Timeless Trail” you are surrounded by the peaceful giants of oak and hemlock in a forest cathedral.  

Timeless Trail

PriceFrom $65.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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