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Artful Dodger

To the bowhunter there is no better time of year than autumn.  The morning air carries a cool snap while the foliage slowly brings out the brilliant colors of crimson, gold, and umber. To the trained eye, the woods are full of activity. Jack Paluh puts a story of the hunt on canvas in his bowhunting painting "Artful Dodger."

Positioned in your stand, it happens.  You see the buck you've been looking for. You’ve seen his signs and rubs, and now he is actively chasing does. Another buck is waiting off in the distance.  You take a deep breath, aim your bow, and release.  Everything is right...but the master evader that he is, the "Artful Dodger," drops and ducks the arrow by the unnatural sound of the bow release.  All the whitetails scatter. The moment has vanished, but you are energized from the experience.  Discouraged, but wiser, you make plans for another day.

Artful Dodger

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