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Strength of Our Nation

“Strength of Our Nation – Reverence, Readiness, and Respect” is the fourth piece of the Art with a Message Series.  It captures the splendor of the soaring eagle and the ideals of our armed forces who protect our freedoms. The three soldiers portray Reverence, Readiness, and Respect. These principles are the supporting power of our military.  They are the truths that keep our nation strong. Our eagle represents strength, courage and freedom: soaring into boundless spaces, sweeping down with outstretched wings, and living amidst the vastness of nature. As Americans, we hold this symbol of freedom with great respect.

Artist, Jack Paluh’s Note:

“I used many symbols in creating this painting.  The soldiers represent Reverence, Readiness, and Respect.  The rising stars represent the people of our nation.  The eagle is the ultimate symbol of freedom.  Extending from the eagle is the tail of a fighter jet, another representation of our military. The “purple mountain majesties” form the backdrop for “amber waves of grain” and abundant wildlife.”

Strength of Our Nation

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